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Why Is Mosquito Control in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA Important?

Over 35 miles of pristine ocean shoreline make Virginia Beach one of the longest stretches of pleasure beach in the world. Unfortunately, when residents and visitors in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas, including Ocean View, Broad Bay, Great Neck, Princess Anne, and Ghent, enjoy these beautiful beaches on a daily basis, they are not alone.

There is no doubt that a walk along the boardwalk is an excellent way to spend a day or evening; it’s also a good way to become the next meal for hungry mosquitoes. Due to Virginia Beach’s proximity to the ocean, it stays relatively humid throughout the year. These conditions are ideal for mosquitoes, who thrive in a wet and humid climate. Aside from being an itchy nuisance, mosquitoes can also affect your health. According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world. Their bites and the diseases they can spread kill up to a million people a year.

That’s why mosquito spraying services in Virginia Beach and Norfolk are really essential. For people and animals in the area to remain healthy, it’s important that residents here find a way to control mosquitoes on their property.

How Mosquito Spraying in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA Will Benefit You

As we mentioned, our area has its challenges with mosquitoes. Controlling mosquitoes comes down to taking a proactive approach. Here’s what you need to know when you’re thinking about hiring professional mosquito control:

  • It doesn’t take long for mosquitoes to increase in number. Mosquitoes go from egg to adulthood in less than a week.
  • Every mosquito lays up to 300 eggs at a time – that’s potentially 1,200 mosquitoes per egg-laying female in just a month’s time.
  • Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like West Nile Virus, the Zika Virus, Malaria, and more.
  • A mosquito bite can also cause an allergic reaction in some people, leading to blisters, rashes, and excessive swelling.

This is why making an active plan for mosquito control in Virginia Beach and Norfolk will benefit you, and protect your family and pets. A proactive approach to pest control keeps your family, friends, and pets safe as you enjoy your spring and summer at home or by the ocean.


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Mosquito Control in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA Starts with Mosquito Joe

To help residents combat these pests, Mosquito Joe offers a number of mosquito and pest-control-related services. Here’s a look at some of the pest control services we offer:

  • For homeowners who prefer a natural option, we offer natural pest control in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. This treatment includes the use of essential oils, like peppermint, which mosquitoes hate.
  • To prevent invasions from occurring beforehand, Virginia Beach residents may opt for perimeter pest treatments, which work immediately and last for months.
  • Misting systems allow you to create a barrier around your yard that gets rid of not only mosquitoes but fleas, ticks, and other outdoor nuisances.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Mosquito Joe for Pest Control

Mosquito spraying in Virginia Beach and Norfolk is highly effective when the right treatment is used consistently. In addition, we offer our customers the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which means our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied. The Mosquito Joe team of pest control experts is committed to educating our residents about the dangers of mosquitoes and ticks. While mosquito spraying may be seasonal, our commitment to making the outdoors fun again for Virginia Beach and Norfolk residents is year-round.

Call Mosquito Joe for Expert Service

Mosquito control in Virginia Beach and Norfolk is our #1 priority. If you’re worried about mosquitoes, or other kinds of pests, give us a call to request a quote. When it comes to pest control in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA, Mosquito Joe is the right choice!

Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 757-362-9230, submit a quote request, or email us at today!

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Areas Served

Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach - Norfolk serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

Call us today at 757-494-3440 if you would like to verify if we cover your area.


We live on a swamp and have no mosquitoes.

Mark Anderton

Excellent service!! Johnny is the best!

Patty McGoughran

My son used to get bug bites every time he played outside of our house. Now it is rare for him to get even 1. He can swing & play with no concerns for red itchy bumps on his arms & legs.

Marie Reddish

They are professional and on time. This service really works and has made working in my yard much better than last year with no help from Mosquito Joe.

Pam Wiley

My guests enjoyed the event,especially the children who were able to move around anf play the games without mosquito bites. 100% bite free event

Carolyn Stephenson

Mosquito Joes always punctual and professional. They do an excellent job and make every effort to communicate with you.

Steve White

Very reliable and thorough. We have a large back yard on some marshland and the treatments have definitely improved our outside living .

Damian Burton

I get mosquito treatments

Stacy Kratz

We love Mosquito Joe! They have given us our yard back! Getting rid of mosquitos and other bugs that bite is so hard and being able to sit outside with this beautiful view, makes using their services so worth it! I have recommended them to many friends and neighbors! Enjoy the Summer!

Nancy Moore

We recently moved and quickly found that we need mosquito treatment. Mosquito Joe was easy to reach and quickly set us up for a treatment that week. Text notification was helpful for our family and we are thrilled with the results!

Jenn Mann