Rodent Control Near Me in Virginia Beach and Norfolk

image of a small rodent hiding in the interior of a dark pipe
No one wants to be roommates with rats, mice, or other rodents, so if they have moved into your home let the team at Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach-Norfolk help move them out! Both rats and mice are known to be dirty and even carry diseases that you would not want around your family and pets. Ugh! These scurrying creatures are a problem all around the world, but they will become a personal nuisance quickly when you find out they’ve taken up residence in your spaces. The goal is to keep them away from your living areas and family and Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach-Norfolk is here to help.

How Do the Professionals at Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach-Norfolk Get Rid of Rodents?

At Mosquito Joe, we work to keep rodents out of your home and away from your property so that you can enjoy all your spaces worry-free. To do this we used a combined strategy of:

  • Inspection: We will identify vulnerable areas in and around your home where rodents may want to take up space.
  • Trapping: We will trap the rodents as necessary and remove them from your property.
  • Evaluation: We will evaluate the rodent population where you live.
  • Implementation: We will implement a rodent barrier around your home to deter entrance.
  • Application: We will apply rodent repellant where needed.

The Mosquito Joe rodent treatment method focuses on keeping the problem out of your home in the first place.

Why Trust Mosquito Joe to Help with Your Rodent Control?

Our team works hard to ensure your home and property don’t become a rodent’s favorite resting spot. We are already known to provide top-of-the-line outdoor pest control including mosquito control, tick control, and flea control and now we provide rodent control as well by helping to control the rodent population around your outdoor spaces and denying them entrance into your home.

Are Chemicals Used in Our Rodent Control?

Mosquito Joe rodent control uses no rodenticides that can risk leaving dead and dying rats or mice inside your home. Instead, we use a liquid rodent repellent to control the population and establish a barrier around your home. Our main goal is to prevent rodents from coming into your home in the first place. We block the pathways rats and mice use to access your garage, attic, basement, and home. We also alert you to existing issues on your property that may attract rodents.

Cost of Professional Rodent Control Services

Since every property is a bit different, we will be happy to walk you through the plan for your home. Give us a call today or fill out a request a quote form for more information on how Mosquito Joe can help with your rodent issues.

Contact Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach-Norfolk for a Rodent Control Quote

Mosquito Joe of Virginia Beach-Norfolk is here to help keep rodents out of your areas without risking the health of your family. Call us at 757-494-3440 or fill out the request a quote form to learn more. A member of our team will be happy to provide additional information about this service so that you can feel confident in our affordable and effective rodent control treatment.

Rodent Control FAQ

When do mice, rats, and rodents typically come around?

These creatures are always hanging around, but when the weather changes regarding rain, drought, and temperature, they will start looking for a safe haven outside their normal spaces.

Can rodents cause structural damage?

Yes! Rats, mice, and other rodents can even cause structural damage to your home, garage, barn, or shed.

Do rodents carry disease?

Yes! Rodents are known to carry disease because of fleas, ticks, and/or allergens that attach themselves to the rodents.

How can you prepare for your rodent control treatment?

Provide adequate access to your home and outside structures such as sheds, barns, and garages. Also ensure that rotted debris, old food, and sugary liquids have been cleaned up in and around the home.